About Us

About the Owners

Dirty Deeds specializes in taking away and disposing of “household items” that you no longer need or want. We take everything from any part of your home. This includes furniture, clothes, rubbish, hazardous waste, old bikes, or anything other “clutter” in your home. For rubbish that we take away, we are responsible for disposing of it in a green and environmentally safe way.

Larry DeRoche, President, has three goals:

  1. Help homeowners get rid of unwanted items with no hassles and no worries.
  2. Help the local community by working with local charities, providing much needed items to homeless and people in transitional housing programs.
  3. We are better than those other “Junk Out Companies”. We offer a lower rate, while offering multiple options for your household items.

Our goal is to take many useless items from our client’s homes, and recycle them to charitable organizations, who need all the household items they can get or sell in our Thrift Shop with a portion of the proceeds going to local charities every month. The main program we support which donates furniture is HouseHold Goods. They are in constant need of furniture, sheets, curtains, kitchenware, and all other household items. Our clients are thrilled to see their items being used to help others.


Dirty Deeds is a member of:
The Senior Service Network
The Pembroke Chamber of Commerce

We are licensed and insured.

Dirty Deeds House Clean Outs and Good Deeds Store is a subsidiary of Clean Out Your House Inc. in Waltham, MA.